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Nobel Oil Filling Station

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First Nobel Oil filling station

First Nobel Oil filling station

Nobel Oil Downstream Romania is pleased to announce the opening of its first filling station in the country. The brand new ultra-modern Nobel Oil petrol station estimated to serve 1200 vehicles per day was officially launched in the northeastern city Iaşi.

The Nobel Oil filling station is situated on one of the businest transport arteries of the city, Bd. Nicolae Iorga nr 6M. Innovative station comprises of three dispensing units capable of servicing six vehicles at a time, providing high quality fuel.


Nobel Oil filling stations have several other unique features. It is the first station in Romania to offer the Outside Payment Terminals (OPTs), allowing customers to use both cards and cash payment.

In line with the company’s corporate social responsibility principles, we have installed photovoltaic pannels on rooftop, allowing the filling station to function on green energy only, independently from local power distribution networks.

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High quality fuel

We provide high quality fuel, from respected suppliers, in fully accordance with EU and Romanian regulations.



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DHL Office

Nobel Oil has partnered with a global market leader in the logistics industry, DHL, to provide express deliveries and courier services at its stations.


Zebra Pay

All in one payment system. Now you can pay everything at once, simple and fast. Road tax, utility bills and many others.

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